Bangkok Police Sweep Drug Party, Apprehend 29 People Amid Wild Revelry Bangkok Police Sweep Drug Party, Apprehend 29 People Amid Wild Revelry

Bangkok —

On June 25th, 2024, Thai police held a press conference announcing the arrest of 29 individuals at a drug party in a residence in Soi Ramkhamhaeng 21, Wang Thonglang, Bangkok. The raid resulted in the seizure of one kilogram of methamphetamine, 130 ecstasy pills, and other illicit substances.

According to the police, at 6:30 AM on June 23rd, Wang Thonglang police, supported by relevant agencies, launched a raid operation at the residence in question under a search warrant from the Criminal Court.

During the raid, police discovered what they described as a drug-fueled gathering and numerous used condoms scattered on the floor.
Drug tests conducted on 22 individuals revealed methamphetamine in their systems, added police.

All 22 individuals agreed to undergo drug treatment. The police identified four additional suspects involved in drug possession at the party. One suspect, publicly identified only as Mr. Warawut, provided valuable information that led to the arrest of three more individuals accused of selling drugs in Bangkok.

The operation resulted in the seizure of 1,081.19 grams of methamphetamine, 8 amphetamine pills, 10.84 grams of ketamine, 130 ecstasy pills, and 1.49 grams of heroin. While 22 individuals opted for drug treatment, seven others are now facing legal action for drug possession and distribution.

This operation highlights the ongoing efforts of Thai authorities to combat drug distribution and abuse. It also coincides with recent legislative measures in Thailand to enforce stricter narcotics possession limits in an effort to curb drug-related activities.

For more details, read our latest article on Thailand’s new narcotics possession limit law aimed at reducing drug distribution.


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