Thai police arrest foreigners for fraud in Bangkok and Pattaya

The Thai Immigration Police Bureau (IBP) successfully apprehended two foreign nationals, originating from South Korea and Taiwan, in Pattaya and Bangkok. Both individuals were being actively pursued by their respective countries for allegations of fraud.

The first individual apprehended, known under the alias of Oh, is a 51 year old hailing from South Korea. He was found in a condominium situated in Nongprue, within the district of Banglamung, located in Chon Buri province. Oh was actively sought by South Korean law enforcement for fraudulent activities.

Allegations suggest that he led a call centre operation based in China, primarily targeting unsuspecting victims in South Korea. It is alleged that the gang would coerce victims into transferring funds to them through calls and messages.

In a shocking turn of events, within a mere fortnight, the gang managed to defraud six victims, amassing a total sum of 200 million won (5.5 billion baht). Upon the issuance of an arrest warrant by the South Korean authorities, Oh allegedly fled to Thailand and sought refuge in Pattaya.

The Foreign Affairs Division of the Royal Thai Police provided the IBP with information regarding Oh’s location. After a thorough investigation, the IBP managed to locate and detain Oh. Further charges were pressed against him for overstaying his visa, and he is currently held in custody at the Pattaya Police Station.

The second individual arrested was identified under the alias of Meilee, a 66 year old Taiwanese national. She was located in a luxury condominium in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Taiwanese authorities sought Meilee for her alleged involvement in fraudulent activities.

Taiwanese investors

It is believed that she was part of a scam that convinced Taiwanese investors to invest in Thai real estate. The scam led to 88 victims losing more than 608 million baht, according to relevant law enforcement agencies.

The Department of Investigation of the Ministry of Justice of Taiwan provided the IBP with information regarding Meilee’s location. Following an investigation, the IBP managed to locate and detain Meilee. It was also discovered that she had been using a counterfeit Thai ID, as per the IBP’s report.

Like Oh, Meilee was also charged with overstaying her visa and is currently held in custody at the IBP’s Immigration Division 3, reported Pattaya News.

In both instances, international collaboration between law enforcement agencies led to the successful apprehension of the individuals. The case serves as a reminder of the continuous efforts by Thai authorities to uphold law and order and to ensure that the nation is not used as a refuge for those facing criminal charges in their home countries.

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